OPAL A – The History & Where It Came From

In 2008 Health Focus Products Australia became incorporated in order to commercialise all of the work done by the “Paw Paw Man” himself, Tom McArthur. Yes, that’s right! OPAL A is the culmination of 30 years of hard work by Tom. Everything that Tom had learnt is wrapped up into each and every OnlyPapaya and OptiDerma product.

Each product in the OnlyPapaya and OptiDerma ranges contains a minimum of 20% of Tom McArthur’s highly active Papaya Extract, called OPAL A. If you’re interested in reading the scientific data behind the extract, be sure to visit the Phoenix Eagle Website

All of our products can be purchased through our website, don’t be fooled by expensive copies and well-marketed products claiming to be Tom’s. You can buy with confidence knowing that OnlyPapaya and OptiDerma are the only two ranges available in Australia that contain Tom’s “magic” ingredient, OPAL A.
Watch the video below to view the Today Tonight feature on Tom & OPAL A