Optimising the Science of Nature.

Health Focus Products Australia Pty Ltd has been created to facilitate the research, development and production of therapeutically beneficial products.

HFPA represents a team of specialised individuals spanning a broad range of development sectors – Pharmacy, Medicine, Compound Manufacturing, Brand Management & Marketing, Sales and Distribution. All members of the HFPA team are united in providing innovative and accessible wound healing and skin support products and assist in the provision of primary health solutions.


Optimised Fruit Extract™

In 2006, HFPA Chairman Dr Mark Baldock became aware of a unique process called OPAL that stabilised enzymes in fruit and vegetables. One of the main fruits being processed using this technology was Papaya. Already know for its curative properties, the OPAL process stabilised the active enzymes naturally occurring in the Papaya – optimising their therapeutic action. Read more…


Investment Opportunities

Health Focus Products Australia Pty Ltd welcomes organisations and individuals who are interested in investing in the arena of primary health solutions. This exciting and ever increasing sector provides a myriad of opportunities to diverse investments and be involved in ethical and beneficial outcomes. If you are interested in investing in Health Focus Products Australia please contact us here.