Optimised Fruit Extract (OFE®)
Optimising the Science of Nature

In 2006, HFPA Chairman Dr Mark Baldock became aware of a unique process called OPAL that stabilised enzymes in fruit and vegetables. One of the main fruits being processed using this technology was Papaya. Already know for its curative properties, the OPAL process stabilised the active enzymes naturally occurring in the Papaya – optimising their therapeutic action.
Dr Baldock could see the benefits of the unique wound healing product in addressing a wide range of skin conditions from itchy and dry skin right through to venous ulcers and other wound complications related to diabetes and an ageing population.
Publication of an abstract at a peer-reviewed conference of the Australian Wound Management Association, by Associate Professor Geoff Mitchell of the University of Queensland, reported on a number of anecdotal cases where OPAL products were of great therapeutic benefit in wound healing.
The OPAL Process represents a platform technology that may lead to many products and applications across multiple markets. It is this technology that HFPA wishes to develop into a broad range of product applications within Australia.
In 2008, Health Focus Products Australia acquired the license to produce an Optimised Fruit Extract (OFE®) from papaya using the patented OPAL technology. OFE is currently used in two flagship product ranges – OptiDerma Wound Support and OnlyPapaya Skin Support.


OptiDerma® represents a significant development in the treatment and management of minor wounds and skin conditions. Optiderma provides a cost effective and much needed community based/self care solution.

The OptiDerma range of wound support products is a PHARMACY ONLY PRODUCT and it is intended to assist the pharmacy industry to become a leader in the provision of  wound care and management in the home, industry and health care facilities.
OptiDerma Wound Support provides significant therapeutic products for a broad spectrum of skin ailments. It is ideal for use on dry, damaged
or irritated skin that is prone to conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and sores..
All OptiDerma products contain high concentrations of OFE®. OptiDerma products are Listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration as ‘over the counter’ medicines and are currently undergoing Stage I/II Clinical Trials for efficacy.
To view the complete OptiDerma Wound Support range visit: www.optiderma.com.au


To extend the application and reach of the Optimised Fruit Extract (OFE), Health Focus Products Australia have developed the OnlyPapaya Skin Support range of products.
OnlyPapaya is Australia’s first complete skin care range based on the outstanding properties of Papaya. All OnlyPapaya products contain high amounts of Optimised Fruit Extract (OFE®) and are made from natural ingredients. The OFE® is made from fresh Papaya (not fermented or freeze dried) and is sourced from Australian Farmers. OnlyPapaya products are free from paraben, sulphate and petrochemicals.
To view the complete OnlyPapaya Skin Support range visit: www.onlypapaya.com.au