April, 2009

HFPA Launches OnlyPapaya™ at the Sydney Show

Just this month Health Focus Products Australia launched its first product range onto the Australian marketplace.  Based on Patented Australian Technology OFE™ (Optimised Fruit Extract), the OnlyPapaya™ range of skin and hair care products was met with great enthusiasm by visitors to the Show. 

Anecdotally, OFE™ has exhibited great promise for the treatment and symptomatic relief of conditions such as sunburn, mild burns, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.  More significantly, the technology will be tested in clinical trials later this year for serious wound healing concerns including vascular or diabetic ulcers and pressure ulcers.   The initial range of products included a hydrating gel for application to damaged skin conditions such as cracked heals, eczema, dermatitis, burns and ulcers, a moisturising cream for hydration of dry and damaged skin, a body wash, a shampoo for use with dry and itching scalp conditions and a complimentary conditioner, as well as a lip balm.

At the Sydney Royal Easter Show, members of the public were invited to the stand to have the product applied to their skin.  “A lot of people who had Hydrating Gel applied to a sensitive area of the skin subsequently returned to tell us how happy they were with the results.  Some of them returned within minutes, others made their way back to the stand several hours later..” said Tara-Louise, who worked on the stand.  “I had one lady who came back and said that she had tried everything on her eczema and was delighted at the result from the gel”

Neil Jorgensen, Sales and Marketing Manager of Health Focus Products Australia said “We felt that the Sydney Show allowed us to test-market the product to see what the response was like with very little advertising support.  We certainly came away feeling that the product was a hit.”  “The product is made from locally sourced Papaya.   The quality of the fruit is essential and we rigidly control this process.  There is no overseas sourced freeze dried product in our range,” stated Brendan Butcher, Operations Manager of Health Focus Manufacturers who is responsible for production quality of OnlyPapaya™.   Dr Mark Baldock, Chairman of Health Focus Products Australia commented “People seem to understand the benefits of this fruit which has been used medicinally for centuries by people and was called the “Fruit of the Angels” by Christopher Columbus.  Our patented process stabilises the important elements of the Papaya in a refined product that can be formulated into various cosmetic products” He went on to add that “wound healing is a significantly under-researched area, and more needed to be done to help those sufferers of chronic wounds.  We hope to be able to launch a clinical range based on the same technology and to be able to make therapeutic claims about the products after the clinical trials are completed.”  OnlyPapaya is formulated as a cosmetic range and makes no therapeutic claims.  Carica Papaya is used extensively in cosmetic and listed products because of its reputation as a “Super Fruit”.  Dr Baldock added, “It was great to hear that people at the Sydney Show seemed to really understand how they should use the product.  There was a great level of interest and enquiry from young women looking for an all-natural, Australian made skin care product range to individuals looking for relief from more serious conditions.”
The Only Papaya website was launched in parallel with the show to provide a convenient, informative resource and allow customers to reorder online.
If you’re interested in any one of a great range of products go to www.onlypapaya.com. 

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If you wish to find out about retailing OnlyPapaya products please email Neil Jorgensen, our Sales and Marketing Manager