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October, 2010

Optimised Fruit Extract – Features on Channel 7’s Today Tonight

The Today Tonight story focuses on the inventor, Tom McArthur and the invention of Optimised Fruit Extract (referred to as OPAL A). For the complete Tom McArthur story visit:

Optiderma Launch

The OptiDerma® wound support range is due to be released on October 28th at the Pharmacy Australia Congress 2010.   We have no control over Channel 7’s decision to air this documentary prior to the launch.  Whilst it would have been better for the program to have been released after the launch (when we have OptiDerma® distribution in place) it is nonetheless a fantastic publicity event for our Company.


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Healing Touch of Pawpaw

Australian Life Scientist Article – Jul-Aug Issue PDF

By Kate McDonald

IT MAY SOUND LIKE THE SPIEL of a snake-oil salesman, but the story behind the development of a new Australian product derived from an extract of pawpaw (Carica papaya) designed to promote wound healing is a compelling one. The Australian company behind it, Phoenix Eagle, has developed a new product, OPAL A, that could revolutionise wound healing and wound care.
The story is an unusual one to say the least, but in the company’s favour is the quality of the people it has managed to get on board. Not only does it have local and international specialists as advisors, but it has managed to recruit one of Australia’s best known wound management experts, Associate Professor Michael Woodward of the University of Melbourne’s School of Medicine, and past-president of the Australian Wound Management Association (AWMA), to run its early phase clinical trial at the Heidelberg Repat, based at the Austin Hospital.
A clinician as well as a researcher, Michael Woodward admits to being a bit sceptical about the story when he first heard it. “Whenever anybody says a vegetable extract does miraculous things, the first reaction of a doctor is to be a little bit doubtful,” he says. “That’s not because we are all in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry and only believe in expensive drugs, it’s just because many claims have been made about foods and vitamins in the past that have not been proven once they’ve been subjected to the light of evidence.”… <Click here to download the full article as a PDF>