OptiDerma Plus Healing and Burn Gel


OptiDerma Plus Healing and Burn Gel


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OptiDerma Plus Healing & Burn Gel is designed for use on cuts, abrasions and minor burns. It provides an environment suitable for wounds to heal.

The active ingredient, Dermaxylate, is a complex blend of natural antioxidants, proteases and bioflavinoids, which have, in their own right, been shown to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, debride necrotic tissue & act as an antibacterial.

Directions for use:
Apply twice daily to affected area and immdiately around the affected wound. Gel will form a film over the wound. Apply sparingly to sensitive areas. Do not apply to extensive burns.

Active Ingredients: Dermaxylate 800mg/g, Panthenol 50mg/g

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